It is a cove with gravel and rocks and takes its name from the presence, around the years ' 50 of the "bue marino", the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus). The beach is a paradise for diving lovers, the seabed is rich in fish species such as octopus, morays and lobsters but also corals and anemones.

How to get there: come to "Km 5 +900" of the Via Panoramica (Provincial Road 65) from Porto Santo Stefano, turn right at the paved road (such as Cala del Gesso) and after 1.5 km you will reach a gate. Turn right in the pedestrian path and in about 15 minutes you will reach the Cala del Bove cliff. 

Parking: Via Panoramica. 

Winds: exposure to west winds.

Cala del Bove