This stretch of the Tyrrhenian Sea has always been affected by intense commercial activity, which has resulted in a considerable concentration of shipwrecks, sometimes still with much of the load and onboard equipment. In order to illustrate the numerous underwater archaeological finds, in the Spanish fortress, the permanent exhibit Submerged Memories was erected, with materials also brought to the surface in the Tuscan Archipelago. The archaeological wreck of the Campese (beginning of the 6th century BC) fell into the Giglio, along a route followed by Greek merchants who, after touching the Etruscan coasts, headed for southern France. From the same island comes the wreck of the imperial age of Giglio Porto (early III century AD) carrying fish or fish sauce preserved by the Roman provinces of Africa, while Lazzaretto's tip was reclaimed vinegars of Republican age. From Giannutri are the wrecks of the same era, Cala Scirocco and Punta Scaletta.

Treasures Submerged